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By: GIS Geography · Last Updated: March 5, 2020

Superpower Your Data with these 1000 GIS Applications & Uses

Struggling to find GIS projects for you or your students? Read the list.

Paralyzed when someone asks what GIS can really do? Read the list.

Looking to diversify your business and services? Read the list.

One year in the making, these are some of your favorite GIS applications you haven’t heard of yet:

GIS student project ideas, GIS case studies, GIS projects, GIS uses – From over 50 industries, this jam-packed guide of 1000 GIS applications will open your mind to our amazing planet and its inter-connectivity.

1 Agriculture GIS Applications

1. Precision Farming – Harvesting more bushels per acre while spending less on fertilizer using precision farming and software. (How to win the farm using GIS)

2. Disease Control – Combating the spread of pests through by identifying critical intervention areas and efficient targeting control interventions.
3. Swiss Alps Farming – Cultivating south-facing slopes in the Swiss Alps using aspect data because it shelters from cold and dry winds which is critical to successful crop growth.
4. 3D Scanners for Biomass – Measuring with laser accuracy 3D biomass using the FARO scanner.
5. Real-time Crop Yields – Shifting to real-time crop monitoring and targeted, automated responses with drones and precision watering sensors.
6. Current Food Security – Safeguarding food insecure populations by establishing underlying causes through satellite, mobile-collected and GIS data storage.
7. Agri-tourism – Navigating through crop mazes with GPS receivers in the developing field of agri-tourism.
8. Plant Hardiness – Defining distinct boundaries in which plants are capable of growing as defined by climatic conditions.
9. Machine Performance – Logging geographic coordinates of agricultural machinery in a farm field to better understand the spatially variability cost of field operation and machinery performance.
10. Future Food Demand – Diagnosing the future food demand and planning how to fulfill the needs of a growing and increasingly affluent population.
11. Crop Assimilation Model – Simulating soil, water and crop processes to better understand crop productivity and monitoring using the Crop Assimilation Model tool in GRASS GIS.
12. Water Stress – Balancing the ratio of local withdrawal (demand) over the available water (supply).
13. Historical Agricultural Land – Plotting the historical and future farming trends served.
14. Hunger Map – Raising awareness about global hunger and places that are in need.
15. Agromap – Breaking down primary food crops by sub-national administrative districts and aggregating by crop production, area harvested and crop yields.
16. Crop Resilience to Climate Change – Adapting to climate change and shifting weather patterns by promote the continued health of your fields.
17. Crop Productivity – Calibrating crop productivity using indices like Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to estimate global crop productivity. (Satellite Image Corporation AgroWatch Green Vegetation Index)


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