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Ansel Elgort Shares Steamy Shower Photo for Charity and Sends Twitter Into a Tailspin – Skin App Free Adult APK


West Side Story remake and Baby Driver heartthrob Ansel Elgort has been steaming up quite a few computer and phone screens today after releasing one of this year’s sexiest shower photos. Though it should be noted, he did it strictly for charity.

Ansel Elgort certainly knows how to play the social media game, and he quickly found himself trending on Twitter today thanks to this mostly nude and definitely NSFW image that finds the young actor taking a shower. His hand strategically placed in front of his lower region as to not reveal everything. The photo has been greeted with great enthusiasm to say the least.

Ansel Elgort shared the image on his personal instagram. He also posted a caption that pointed fans to a link in his bio, instructing everyone to visit his OnlyFans account, where subscribers are required to pay a fee to see a user’s even steamier photos and video.

As it turns out, Elgort doesn’t actually have an OnlyFans account. And if he does, he’s not interested in anyone finding it. The link in the bio actually directed fans to the “Brooklyn For Life!” fundraiser. It has been set up as a charity that helps feed those individuals currently working on the frontlines at hospitals in Brooklyn, New York.

The charity was started on GoFundMe by Westworld and No Time To Die actor Jeffrey Wright, along with several other individuals. Their goal is set at $1 million. Right now they are at $200,000. Ansel Elgort’s sexy shower photo should go a long way in raising some extra funds for the charity.

While it hasn’t been 100% confirmed who snapped the photo of the young star in the shower, the actor did tag his father Arthur Elgort in the original image. The senior Elgort is a well-known photographer who has worked for Vogue Magazine.

Ansel Elgort is already known for posting somewhat racy, though artistic images of himself on social media. Around this time last year, the actor shared 18 shirtless selfies on his Instagram, which garnered him quite a few new fans in the process. At the time the world was not in its current state of affairs. And he wasn’t doing it for charity.

Ansel will next be seen in Steven Spielberg’s remake of the iconic musical West Side Story. Though there have been plenty of release date changes and delays this past month, West Side Story is still scheduled to hit theaters in time for Christmas. It is also suspected that Ansel Elgort will return for Baby Driver 2, a sequel to the hit Edgar Wright movie that saw him playing a gifted getaway driver with a love for music. The original image was posted on Ansel Elgort’s Instagram. You can see a little teaser of the image below. You’ll have to visit Twitter to see the whole thing as its NSFW.


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