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Find a Top Financial Advisor with

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We wanted to evaluate other investment strategies and compensation methods. We were getting tired of the fees that we were being charged. We don’t want to get “nickel & dimed” to death with transaction and management fees. Thank you WiserAdvisor for helping us find our advisor!

Profile: Gary is in his early 50s, married, corporate hardware and software manager in Minneapolis, MN. He enjoys personal investing and model airplanes / trains.
Portfolio Size: $800K

Helpful Financial Tips During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Why Use WiserAdvisor

Advisor Pre-Screening

All advisors have to meet strict screening criteria to be part of our network.

No Conflict of Interest

WiserAdvisor is not a financial services company and does not offer any financial advice or products.

No Cost

Our Advisor Match Service is free to consumers. Advisors do pay a fee, once they qualify, to be a part of our network.


We do not share your information with anyone other than the financial advisors are matched to as per your requirements.

No Obligation

You are not obligated to hire any financial advisor that is matched to you. We do however request you to interview all the advisors to check if they suit your financial situation.

Saves You Time

You will only talk to pre-screened financial advisors whose profile matches your financial needs.

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Portfolio Management

8 Reasons to Avoid the Urge to Abandon Stocks During an Economic Downturn

Slowed down economic activity, rising unemployment, falling share price, decreasing house values, low consumer confidence, and dropping investments, can make an investor nervous and jittery. This…

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Retirement & Healthcare

Retirement Changes: Health Care, Social Security, and Medicare in 2014

How much do you know about the three largest learning curves that most retirees must face? In dealing with health care costs, Social Security, and Medicare, there are hurdles that can entangle even the savviest retirement-planner, especially when it comes to tracking rules and yearly changes…more

Saving & Investing

How do you choose an optimal combination of investments to help you reach a goal that may be decades away?

When faced with all the decisions that need to be made to ensure you select the proper investments to meet your long-term…


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