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Former shop worker makes £10k a month selling photos on Only Fans – Skin App Free Adult APK


Published: 09:59 EDT, 7 September 2020 | Updated: 12:26 EDT, 7 September 2020

A former shop worker has told how she makes £10, 000 a month selling photos on Only Fans.  

The site has over 13 million subscribers, but unlike other social media channels, it allows users to upload any kind of content – including pornography – and then charge people to access it.  

Speaking to presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Beth Spidby, 24, from Manchester, appeared on This Morning today and explained how she’s made so much money on the site, she’s managed to give up work and travel the world. 

‘I earn between £10, 000 – £15, 000 a month, but if I didn’t spend so much money I could probably be a millionaire,’ explained Beth, speaking from Australia. 

Beth Spidby (pictured), 24, from Manchester, appeared on This Morning live from Australia and told how she can earn between 10, 000 – £15, 000 a month on Only Fans

The 24-year-old (pictured) told how she used to work in M&S deli in the winter, and would then go to Magaluf and do seasons there

Speaking of life before joining the site, Beth explained: ‘I basically worked in M&S deli in the winter, and then I’d go off to Magaluf and do seasons there, which is quite funny because it took me a hot minute to realise how much sex sells. 

‘I used to ask men to buy a shot and they’d say “no,” so I’d say, “buy a shot and I’ll show you my boobs” and they were like, “I’ll take the whole tray.” I trained myself over the two years to come into this job anyway.’

Beth went on to explain how her career started off with lingerie which was ‘quite PG.’

She continued: ‘The more fans I got, the more they kind of expected and the more pressure I felt to exceed those expectations. It went into nudity and then got a little bit more explicit, and now here we are today.’

Holly went on to highlight Beth’s comment about feeling ‘pressured.’

Beth (pictured, speaking with Holly and Phillip), explained that her career started off with lingerie which was ‘quite PG’

Beth’s mother Jane (pictured) also appeared on the show and told how she supports her daughter’s online career

‘When I was younger and first started, I had this expectation I had to continue to please my fans,’ explained Beth. ‘But now I’m older and more confident in my own skin, I actually understand that the fans aren’t necessarily paying for the content per se, they’re paying for me and my energy and who I am.’

However, Phillip Schofield pointed out to Beth that if they were fans because of her bubbly personality, then she wouldn’t have to take her clothes off. 

‘Yes, 100 per cent, but they stay for four years plus because of the interaction we have, the messages, and we actually have relationships through it,’ she explained.

Holly then went on to talk about the personalisation of the site and used the example of a fan being able to directly contact the person for their name to be said during an sexual activity.

‘Then what happens is this connection unfolds, an obsession could grow, and then what you find is, you might be putting yourself in a position that makes you feel unsafe,’ Holly continued.

But Beth was insistent that she doesn’t personally feel unsafe because it’s ‘all online.’

‘There’s a massive disconnect between me and the actual fans,’ she said. ‘I don’t personally feel unsafe but there have been times where people have been continuing to message me, and they cross the line a little bit.’

Beth’s mother Jane, who initially took pictures of her daughter before her career progressed into nudity, also joined the conversation via video.

During the show, Beth was insistent that she doesn’t personally feel unsafe because it’s ‘all online.’ Pictured, speaking with Holly and Phil

During the segment, Holly (pictured) pointed out Beth’s comment about feeling ‘pressured’

When Phillip asked how she feels about her daughter’s line of work, which is essentially a pornographic model. Jane explained: ‘What I liked about it when Beth explained Only Fans was that she was in control and could choose what she wanted to do. That made me a bit a more happier and secure.’

Speaking of her girlfriend, who she has been in a relationship with since January, Beth added: ‘My girlfriend is actually extremely supportive, Now i’m in Australia she takes pictures for me, she ‘s very much involved in ideas and I think it makes our relationship stronger because we’re not only partners, but we’re like business partners.’ 

Phillip went on to discuss the fact that Beth’s career choice may not necessarily be one for life.

‘I just feel like just because it’s a generalised societal idea that sex work is wrong, doesn’t make it wrong. It’s just an opinion for the masses.’

‘I feel hopeful that I’d be able to move on and propel myself into a completely different direction and hopefully have a voice to say, “you can be on the internet doing one thing, and be on the internet doing something completely different.”

‘We’re multi-faceted and I want to spread that message.’ 


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