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Free generator tool for unlimited Cam4 tokens – Skin App Free Adult APK


CAM4 Token Generator – Get free tokens on CAM4

Our generator works fast and easy. No download required.

We are the only website that still works today for getting tokens.


Using the CAM4 Token Generator

The number of people using the CAM4 website has grown exponentially during the last few months. This growth is due to the increasing number of performers available to choose from and also to the simplicity of use of the website.

No matter where you live the world, you can be sure there is going to be a webcam model performer from your country online at this time. This worldwide adoption also helps CAM4 attract a lot of people on the site who come to watch models from their own country.

It is therefore natural that users from different countries would be in need of CAM4 tokens. While it may not be difficult for some users to purchase tokens, many other users around the world feel the tokens are quite expensive. Besides, they have no convenient way to make internet transactions. This problem is the main reason why our token generator is becoming so popular.

The tokens that we generate are as safe as the ones that you can purchase. If you have any doubts about its safety and do not wish to lose your main CAM4 account, you can create a new account only for testing the token generator. You should note that you can generate an infinite amount of tokens this way without any risk.

What to use tokens for?

The computer generated tokens can be used for the same things you would be able to do with tokens that have been bought. This means that there is no difference between either them and a moderator would not be able to tell the difference. For example, you would be able to use it for tipping and making requests to the hottest models you will see on the website.

The tokens can also be used to turn your account into a premium one. This would mean that you would have a higher chance for the models to respond to you when you chat with them. You would also enjoy the benefit of having an advertisement-free account. You will also be able to take them into private and request them all the things you want them to do for you alone.

Last, but not least, you will also be able to take models into private mode and request them all the things you want them to do for you alone. They would not be able to refuse as you would have tons of tokens to ‘bribe’ them with.

How It Works – Just Follow the Steps

1. Insert the account username

Go to the generator page and input the username of your account. Since each CAM4 account has a unique username, it allows us to make sure we are filling the intended account with tokens. Be sure to double-check if you have entered the correct username.

2. Choose your amount of tokens

You will have in front of you a form in which you can fill in your desired amount. It is possible to generate anywhere between 500 and 10 0000 tokens at one time. However, you can use the generator an infinite amount of times as you wish.

3. Press Generate and Wait

Once you press the Generate button, the generator will have a number of scripts running in the background that will be doing all the work for you. This process does not take a lot of time and returns successfully most of the time. It is important that you do not close the window while this is in progress.

No download required – 100% online

Unlike other generators, you do not need to download any software or app to your device. This means it is compatible with almost any device you are using. In case you have any trouble viewing the website, just make sure you are using a modern web browser such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. It should work without issue.

Having the software work online is a massive advantage to both the users and us, the developers. For us, it was a huge time saver by not having to develop the same program several times for different platforms. For you, the user, it allows you to use the CAM4 Generator software without having to download anything making it safe from getting infected with virus and malware.

It works the same way it would work if it had to be downloaded but the major advantage is that requests are made from our server and you are therefore safe from bans if they occur.

Why do people use the Token Generator?

From a recent survey, we found that the most common reason for using our generator was the lack of funds. Much of the users are either too young to have significant money to spend on cam models or they are from countries where the tokens are too expensive in local currency.

Some also generate tokens instead of buying them as they want to keep their activities private from their spouses. They are afraid that their wife/girlfriend will see the bank bills and roast them for using online dating sites. By generating tokens, it leaves no trace of their online CAM4 activities which could save their relationships.

Other people just happen to feel very generous and wish to give as many tokens as possible to their favourite hardworking models on CAM4.


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