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Join Punters to use your own personal Black Book and start tracking your favourite horses, jockeys and trainers.

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Why use a Black Book?

Do you have any idea how big racing actually is in Australia? Try 20,000 races per year, contested by around 35,000 horses having a total of over 180,000 individual race starts. Those horses are trained by over 3,000 licensed trainers and ridden by over 800 different jockeys.

Got a favourite horse, jockey or trainer? How can you possibly keep track of all that? You will quickly lose track of when the horses you want to back are running, every ride your favourite jockey has or where your trainer’s horses are running. No punter wants to see a horse they like go around without any of their money on it.

That is where the Punters Black Book comes in; Simply add jockeys, trainers or horses to your own personal Black Book to remind you of when they are competing. We will notify you via email as soon as the horse has accepted for a race. Punters Black Book will also email you the best price available across all major bookmakers to help you get the top odds every time!

Create Your Own Black Book

You can create your own Black Book with Punters, and it couldn’t be easier. Simply join Punters – all members can start using the Punters Black Book function, plus many more, straight away. It’s free and only takes a few minutes.

How does Punters Black Book work?

Our database contains every active horse, trainer and jockey in Australia, not to mention all the data from the international meetings we cover! As a Punters user, you can add as many horses, jockeys or trainers to your Black Book as you like; There is no limit to the number of items you can add to your Black Book.
Simply head to any horse, jockey or trainer profile on Punters – do this by typing their name into the search bar on the website. On their profile, you will see the ‘Add to Blackbook’ button: . Just click this and they are added to your Black Book, it’s that easy.

You can also add specific notes to your Black Book entry, if you wanted to remind yourself of why they are going into your Black Book! These will be sent to you next time the horse races.

We then run daily checks to see if any of your Black Book entries will be featuring in any upcoming races. If they are, you will receive a friendly email from Punters to notify you. This will also include any notes you added to the Black Book entry, as well as the odds currently available to ensure you get the best price.
Remember, only Punters members can use this service, so if you haven’t…


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