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How OnlyFans Creators Overcome Creative Burnout – Skin App Free Adult APK


Sometimes even the most creative people just run out of steam. OnlyFans recruiter Ella Oakley investigates how OnlyFans creators can overcome creative burnout by asking two creators who have been through it.

Many of us have been there, pushing our creative energy to breaking point. Creative burnout is an issue especially relevant in these crazy times with the global pandemic that is affecting us all! I was lucky enough to catch up with OnlyFans creators Von and Alex, the faces behind the Get Your Bits Out consultancy. The girls’ joint mission is to assist OnlyFans creators by advising both novices and established creators on important topics such as content creation, scheduling, fan management, online safety, mental health, and how to start making money from your content. I racked their brains to gain some insight and knowledge into how they both keep the creativity flowing when making content.

It is fair to say that both girls have lived colourful lives working as performers, models and content creators, with Alex’s Playboy modelling days through to Von’s fire breathing. They both recently joined forces to get behind the Get Your Bits Out online consultancy after they experienced creative burnout and periods of struggle with their mental health. They both now strive to be positive voices on mental health within the creative industries. 

Check out Von’s amazing fire breathing for Fuel Girls

How do you overcome creative burnout?

Alex: Ah, the dreaded burnout! I have experienced this numerous times throughout my career and it’s a real tough one when it hits as it can feel so overpowering. As a content creator, the first thing it hits is my motivation especially in times like this when we are so limited in what and where we can shoot. I always try to be kind to myself and realise that as long as I’m posting regularly, the quality doesn’t always have to be perfect.
Von: Burnout is a tough one, especially when trying to produce new content and keep your fans happy all whilst being in quarantine. Practising self-care and keeping on top of my tasks in a healthy and realistic way helps to keep me focused and the creative flame alight. I’m never too hard on myself if I don’t always get everything done and find a great way to keep on track is writing a list each night of achievements for the next day and crossing the three most important tasks off each day.

What should a creator do when faced with the burnout mindset?

Alex: A good preventative measure to avoid burnout is to shoot and schedule as much content as you can in advance. Find a day when you’re feeling great, plan themes and outfits and just bulk shoot until you can’t shoot anymore! Remember you can always use old content for throwback days when the burnout hits harder than usual. I find the more you can adapt to what is currently going on around you, the easier content creation becomes.
Von: For me, I have to keep organised and focused, which doesn’t come naturally to me! I have worked really hard over the years on improving my self-care and maintaining good mental health. I find that when I’m healthy, exercising, and taking breaks I’m happier and that means I’m much less likely to be stressed and burn myself out creatively.

What made you decide to help other creators by forming the Get Your Bits Out consultancy?

Alex: It was something that happened really organically. I started doing well on OnlyFans and found myself being asked for advice from my friends on how to get started. I found my structured advice really seemed to work, plus I hate seeing others struggle as I have been through so much of that myself. My first thought was how can I help others achieve a decent income on the platform and this is where Get Your Bits Out was created.
Von: While my background is in modelling and performance, I also worked for many years in a very corporate setting in sales, marketing and social media. It feels great to be able to apply the knowledge that I’ve learnt over the years for content creators on platforms such as OnlyFans. I have also always had a keen interest in sharing my own struggles with mental health, so utilising the platform to reach out to talk to creators about mental health is a really important part of what we are both trying to achieve with our work.

We all know promotion is key and with Instagram’s ongoing ‘clean up’ of lewd content, how do you actively promote your OnlyFans pages?

Alex: I’ll hand this one over to Von because this is her never-ending struggle!
Von: This is really challenging, and I believe it will always be a content creator’s biggest struggle! I find that building your personal brand and audience really is key to getting yourself known. Work on engaging and growing your audience by getting to know who they are and what they want. Keep your content clean on free social media, which I know can be really hard for lewd creators who produce adult content. Keep in mind the social platforms’ guidelines on this. Use others to promote your content, this is a biggie! For example, share other creators’ accounts in your story and help cross-promote each other. Create your own website to host all of your links, such as linktree and keep pushing! It might seem incredibly challenging alongside content creating but it will pay off!

Overcoming creative burnout

Burnout is often an inevitable part of life for creatives, particularly those who want to be paid for their passion. But right now more than ever, it is important to know how much you matter! Take things day by day to help get over the slump of burnout and thrive in a way that is contagious! Keep up the good work!


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