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  • “It helped so much.”

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  • “Im honestly looking at the potential of becoming a stripper and as someone with a medium butt thats all muscle, twerking has always been intimidating since the muscle wont jiggle like fat does.”…” more

  • “Having the tutorial video as well as instructions helped a lot more than just the instructions alone! The video tutorial helped more than anything! Kudos to the girls that can “wall twerk”!”…” more

  • “Everyone at my grandma’s funeral were shocked, everyone loved my twerking skills. Thank you, wikiHow. Much love, you changed my life. My grandma is looking down on me with pride.”…” more

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  • “wikiHow is so much fun, and we learn a lot from it. This is basically the only website that can help you with the question how.”…” more

  • “It helped in how to position before beginning to twerk, also informed me to “always spread legs before starting to twerk”.”…” more

  • “I used to be terrible at twerking, but now I am great! wikiHow has told me tips and tricks on how to become even better!”…” more

  • “My husband learned to twerk. It was the most amazing thing I’ve seen all day.”

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  • “This was amazing! Definitely made my booty cheeks clap. I’m satisfied.”

  • “The squat twerk worked best for me because I have a big butt.”

  • “The steps really helped me learn them individually.”

  • “It helped me learn to pop my booty, and I like it.”

  • “This amazing article gave me something to work on.”

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  • “More pictures for better instructions, thanks. “

  • “Every movement I needed to be sexier. Thanks. “

  • “Very simple and precise info, thanks a lot.”

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  • “It was fun and now I can confidently do it.”

  • “This helped me to twerk for Wisteria Moon.”

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  • “It was exactly what I needed, and easier.”

  • “Great. Very descriptive and helpful.”

  • “The video was what really helped me.”

  • “Knowing if I’m doing it right helps.”

  • “Helped me twerk one cheek at a time.”

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  • “This is so incredibly informative! “

  • “The wall twerk really helped me.”

  • “It was awesome, best thing ever!”

  • “Direct, informative article.”

  • “Now I know how to twerk!”

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  • “The wall twerk was sick!”

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