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I Tried 11 Different Sex Apps to Spice Up My Marriage – Skin App Free Adult APK


I’ve been with my husband for almost five years, and while I still get butterflies when I see his name pop up on my phone, let’s be really honest: Long-term sex doesn’t elicit that same instantaneous, gotta-have-’em-right-now excitement that sex with a new partner does. It’s comfortable, fun—it can even be adventurous—but in long-term relationships, consistently great sex takes work.

And since I have an app on my phone for everything from cooking (Yummly) to doing laundry (Cleanly) I figured there had to be something in the App Store (Screwly?!) that would revolutionize my sex life. Rather than a car service app, it’d be a, how shall I put it, personal service app. That’s a thing, right?

Of course it is! There are, in fact, a lot of sex apps: Apps to find sex, apps to watch people having sex, apps to let people watch you have sex. To determine which ones are worth the space on your phone, I downloaded every sex app I could find (or, at least the ones that didn’t seem creepy), told my husband we were in for a busy week, and embarked on my quest: Could a sex app could do for my relationship what Uber did for my commute?

Out of everything we tried (in total we gave 11 a go—some of which really don’t deserve their spot in the App store!), these are the five apps that had the most impressive effect on our sex life.


The iPassion app is beautifully designed and user-friendly, with a premise like The Newlywed Game, but for your deepest and sexiest secrets. You answer questions about your sexual preferences, your partner does the same, and then you try to answer questions about each other.

It’s competitive, which is always fun, and you learn about your person’s innermost desires with questions like, “Do you prefer your partner clean-shaven, or with stubble?” and “Which look is hottest: School Girl, Business Woman, Teacher, or Biker Chick?”

After half-a-decade of romantic bliss, I thought I was done with surprises about my husband. I was wrong. Turns out, he’s more interested in me wearing pigtails than I realized, and he didn’t know how much I love his second-day stubble. For anyone who feels a little shy about admitting what they want in the bedroom (which is perfectly normal), doing so from behind a screen can be easier than saying it out loud.

The only issue: I morphed into Monica from Friends, gunning to finish the game so that I could win, rather than get it on….

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