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Man Becomes Undercover ‘Simp,’ Subs to OnlyFans Accounts Then Sends Nudes to E-Girls’ Parents – Skin App Free Adult APK


A man has been heralded as a “king” by some corners of social media after infiltrating various OnlyFans accounts, by paying the require subscription fees, and leaking the sex worker’s nude images to their parents.

In the age of the coronavirus pandemic, sex workers around the world have reported a loss of income–in some cases, seeking government financial assistance–as social distancing to prevent the spread of infection decimates their potential earnings.

Social distancing and the easy accessibility of the internet and OnlyFans, for example, has posed as a new opportunity for sex workers and economically vulnerable women to make a quick buck over the global pandemic.

As a result, some OnlyFans stalwarts have complained over an eGirl market saturation, leading to a loss of overall income besides the extra competition.

National File previously reported on an Australian OnlyFans “influencer” who claimed to have “no other talents” as her revenue stream began to evaporate as her subscriptions waned due to the coronavirus-related financial strain on her supporters.

Furthermore, internet memes have flourished in satirizing OnlyFans account holders and their 21st Century Johns–otherwise known, in part, as “simps.”

One Twitter user, under the handle @ProfessWillhelm, was subscribing to several OnlyFans accounts–out of his own pocket–only to send the performers’ parents their nude images.

The actions have been center of a social media storm, seeing the man behind the @ProfessWillhelm face tremendous backlash as he is accused of leaking sensitive information, doxxing, “extortion, blackmail, stalking and suicidal coercion.”

Several original posts were deleted. However, other Twitter users, on the side of protecting sex workers, took screenshots advising people to be careful online.

In his Twitter bio, Profess Willhelm is a “former pimp & drug dealer turned community leader, restaurant owner, & landlord.”

His pinned tweet reads: “Look at this. On my undercover account I sympathized with a sex worker bc she was afraid of some dude exposing her but when I told her about my low self esteem she didn’t comfort me. She only cared about the money. Smh. Well she’ll be crying & begging pretty soon.”

In another tweet, the former pimp went onto write: “Right now I’m working on the biggest pimp in the game today, Timothy Stokely. He’s the biggest most vicious pimp in the world, the creator of OnlyFans. We are crunching the numbers on him & digging deep into his past. Give us a few months, we’re going to tank his business!”

Social media was polarized following the revelation of the OnlyFans nudes being leaked to their parents.

Some condemned the leaks, while others thought it to epitomize hilarity.

National File also reported on a story where a mature OnlyFans sex worker was selling her late daughter’s nudes to keep her “memory alive.”

Via National File:

A sex worker mother drew negative criticism from social media by memorializing her late daughter by posting her nude images on Twitter.

The strange act prompted many accounts to tweet about the eulogy.

The original tweet showing the mother, Liza Martini, with her late daughter, Ava, who were pictured both topless, has now been deleted.

Commenters were quick to condemn the tweets.

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