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OnlyFans is rated “Average” with 2.8 – Skin App Free Adult APK


I created an account at OnlyFans but my gut feeling told me not to subscribe after the site required to register full details of my creditcard. I have not seen or done that before and I did not trust it for one bit.
After reading reviews here I get the picture of their doubtful revenue model.
Seems wise to avoid this site.


Love OnlyFans. I have been doing it for nearly 2 months now and I have been uploaded content everyday to please my Fans. All my fans are giving me compliments and I love the pay per view too!

My onlyfans is UKBadBitch

Only the latest review will count in the company’s TrustScore

They’ll steal your money and block further withdrawals when you prove it.

Onlyfans is such a fantastic platform! I can truly be my naughty-nymphomaniac-self without judgement, and my fans go absolutely crazy!
I’ve had multiple reviews saying that my onlyfans page is the best that they’ve seen because I am “real” and do not advertise anyone else so great value for the subscriber. It’s the best platform for me to be completely myself and as naughty as possible


I love using Onlyfans and my fans get best quality photos and videos, always getting good feedback!

Onlyfans- Siankeela


I just tried it but never came back, now after a few months its charging me again for no reason at all

Unlike the bad reviews… I post great material all the same I have a few fans but have made a decent amount thru the site dor it to only be my second week…

Subscribe to me @livinn_11

Horrible company. Zero control over the people they allow to post on the site. WHEN you get scammed, onlyfans will laugh in your face and do nothing to help you. I thought if someone on there said “hey, give me $20 for feet pics” and then I gave them money and they didn’t send feet pics, it would seem like a no-brainer that onlyfans would look at our interaction and then refund the money when they see that, in fact, no feet pics were given. Nope. They laugh at you and tell you too bad. Horrible company. Hope they all die in the most lengthy and painful ways possible.

Onlyfans is a major scam that can only happen to a person once. The scam only works once cause the subscriber pays upfront for half of the content. And I’m using the word half very very loosely. 2% content and the rest advertising. In reality a person only pays them to advertise to u to dm them for the rest of the video which is only 1.35min. Pornhub byfar is the best at giving u your money wroth. Will never use onlyfans again.


It is a scam that they allow their content creators (those that choose to, of course some don’t) to only show a tiny amount of content after subscribing. Some content creators are hiding a significant amount of content behind further paywalls, sometimes triple the amount of the initial subscription. This must be banned and if someone pays for a subscription, they should get FULL content access and no further content-creator-provided paywalls. No faith in this site and it’s questionable ethics. Go and get free content from xvideos or something.

EDIT: And doesn’t the fact they are “asking for reviews” and yet I can’t see, even going back pages, not a single comment from OnlyFans defending their negative reviews? Because they’re careless.

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It’s pretty great so far! It’s been a month and I have over 100+ fans! I guess I’m doing something right 🙂

My username is @ onlyxrome

They charged me for $400 dollars in 3 months and I don’t really use the app but to support like one friend. It’s obvious my account was hacked but they won’t refund me. They will be hearing from my bank then a lawyer ?‍️?‍️


Since i was a child, i spent a lot of time restoring metal from the 20’s-30’s ( the nice ones with the metal blades ). I paid a lot to access this website and NOT a single fan in sight !!!! SCAM!

Very little new content, 90% advertising. Many content providers are con artists and scammers. A waste of money. No customer service.

I LOVE onlyfans! it is 100 times better than any porn site! you are basically paying for your own personal porn star. the girls are always so polite and kind. I love supporting real people instead of some fishy site. I highly recommend if you’re a sex lover.

I’m loving it just started and killing it! Check me out… I’m always online and always luv to respond to your messages



Total scam…… I entered card info and it said Denied and to enter a different card so I did… Also denied but charged both of those cards a different fee from a different source…. One was $2.99 & the other $49.99 …Luckily, I had cards cancelled before they could steal my money. Lesson learned.

It’s nice up to a point but be careful. I deleted my card and they still charge me for someone I’m not following.

only fan juiicyjayyxx see me



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