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The Adult Industry: A Family Business – Skin App Free Adult APK


There has always been a certain prideful feeling you get when a family member wants to tread in your footsteps with respect to their career choice. Nurses, doctors, firemen, cops, and even political careers are just some of the occupations that I can name off the top of my head where mamas would be proud to brag and daddies everywhere would practically beat their chests with a smugness that couldn’t be rivaled. So I started wondering, you always hear of these parents crowing at the top of their lungs to anyone who could listen. But what about those taboo jobs where the clothes come off and EVERYTHING is hanging and swanging for everyone to see?

I’ve come across some surprising info on who’s related to who through marriage, biological relation (mother/daughter, father/son, etc.), who love performing in front of the camera, and even sons and daughters who have picked up the “directorial” torch and made the legacy that much brighter for their efforts! I’m sure that some will surprise you as much as they surprised me.

Anthony Spinelli and his son, Mitchell have an extremely interesting background. Not only do they have MAJOR clout in the adult industry, but Anthony’s brother Jack Weston landed many roles in mainstream film, stage, and television programming. Spinelli Senior is lauded as one of the greatest directors of his time with work that spans a generation and countless awards, including being a member of the AVN Hall of Fame. His son Mitchell wrote the screenplay to Nothing To Hide one of X-rated’s greatest adult movies. Anthony and Mitchell would go on to found Plum Productions putting out features like The Last Condom and The Mountie. Mitch went on to re-invent himself with Rain Productions and come to be recognized as one of the best gonzo directors in the industry. Although Nothing to Hide predated the AVN awards, Mitch Spinelli won an AVN Award for best screenplay for The Face. He is also a member of the AVN Hall of Fame alongside his legendary father.

Ron Sullivan (aka Henri Pachard) is well known in the business for success during the “Golden Age” of porn. Even though he started in the mid 1960s, the release of Babylon Pink sky-rocketed his career. This movie consisted of vignettes where the women got to play out their fantasies with uninhibited free creative license from the director, Mr. Pachard. Even though he didn’t adopt his alias until 1980, Mr. Pachard is known for not just the many titles that spanned the 30+ years of his vocation including titles such as The Devil In Mrs. Jones 2 and Blame It On Ginger; but to fellow directors Nate Woodburn and Ralph Parfait… he’s simply known as Dad.

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