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The Secret to Great Sex Is on Your Phone – Skin App Free Adult APK


Download these apps to try hot new positions, strengthen your Kegels, control your favorite vibrator, and more.

Want hotter sex and more orgasms? There’s an app for that. Actually, there are a lot of apps for that. In our tech-driven age, it’s no wonder app developers have created iPhone- and Android-friendly apps to help you supercharge your sex life. Whether you’re looking for or a sexy game to kick off foreplay or new positions you’ve not yet tried, these seven apps are your best options. Download them below for a banging time.

Dirty Sex Game by Chouic

This adults-only free app riffs on the classic game truth or dare by asking players NSFW questions to help kickstart foreplay. Choose from more than 1,000 truth or dare questions in categories ranging from soft to hard (ha). One example: ‘Jane, mimic an action you’d like John to do to you afterwards.’ Let the games begin.


To find your new favorite sex position, look no further than the iKamasutra app ($2.99), which offers detailed descriptions and illustrations of over 100 pleasure poses. The platform makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, thanks to categories that group positions according to your preferences (think: cowgirl, exotic, etc.). You can put worthy positions on your favorites list or add must-tries to your in-app to-do list. You’ll never be bored between the sheets again.

My Sex Doctor

Is it just us, or is there something hot about having a high sexual health IQ? Luckily the free My Sex Doctor app can help you and your partner boost your carnal knowledge. The app addresses male and female body parts, contains a dirty dictionary that defines sex-related words and terms, and has a fun “100 Things You Must Know” category of sex and sexual health basics. Just don’t mistake My Sex Doctor for an actual doctor. If anything seems off down there, visit your gyno, not the app store.

Kegel Trainer

Great news: Doing Kegel exercises can help intensify sexual arousal. For help tightening those pelvic floor muscles, download the free Kegel Trainer. The app, which has almost 10,000 5-star Google Play reviews, guides users through various pelvic floor-strengthening moves and also lets them set reminders to do their Kegels daily—even if only for 30 seconds. Hey, every bit counts.


This super interactive free app is ideal for couples with a competitive edge. Why? Desire lets partners challenge each other with dares that rack up points if completed. The more points you earn, the more sexy challenges you can unlock together. Choose from dares relating to role play, dress code, and bath time and give your challenge an expiration date—so your SO has to get on it fast.

Perfect Mobile Massager for Your Beauty and Health

This free app‘s name sounds pretty tame, but don’t let that stop you from downloading it and keeping your phone bedside. Though the program is touted as a smart way to soothe sore muscles,…


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