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Top Ten Best Adult Apps (APK)


Let’s find the best list adult apps from the 1000s that are out there. You should always watch out when downloading adult apps, since they tend to carry more viruses and malware than your average app. These app will be scanned to ensure they will not harm your device. But let’s cover the top 10 best mobile adult apps.

1. Skin App

  • An orgy of apps all in one place! Introducing Skin, get the best adult apps like Pann, Planet Pron, Porn Hub, Porn Time, decoy versions and much much more all in one place…

2. PornHUB

  • The first name in porn the ever popular Porn Hub Site has it’s very own Android App. As looking at porn on the go can be a messy affair. A realitivley safe way and easy way to check out porn, is via the Porn Hub Android App.

3. Mikandi

  • MiKandi is in a league of it own. It’s essentially an App Store for everything Adult similar to the Skin App. The difference is Mikandi requires registration but has an extrodinary database.

4. Tumblr

  • Tumblr is a generally great place to find blogs abut every subject you can imagine, think of it as more visual friendly Reddit. You’ll get a bit of everything amateurish, professional, but the beauty of it all is having everything in one place — and in one app. When it comes to adult content, nothing changes. Not sure where to start? Follow us on Tumblr.

5. Planet Pron

  • Planet Pron is another great Android porn app available, and is available as both a free download and with a $5 Premium upgrade (exclusive content).

6. Perfect Girls

  • The app version of the Perfect Girls adult website. A great little app that has well over a 100 000 video and growing daily.

7. Android Porn App (APA)

    • APA is a free android application which let you watch and dowload free porn videos and pictures at your android device.

Free porn videos

8. Videodevil App

  • VideoDevil is a free android app for watching or downloading over 60 thousands of video with no limits.

9. X Hubs

  • Are you looking for best free Porn app? Xhubs contains 50+ sites content and millions of porn videos.

10. XO Porn

  • This app is the exception being that it’s a responsive mobile site. We’re gonna add it because you can use it even if you have a low speed/low-bandwidth connection and that can be priceless in times of need.

Free porn videos

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