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Tracon: Air Traffic Control Simulator



Poker Tourney

Atari 8-bit

by hoeksmas

New Cover Art more

Order of Battle: Sandstorm

by Rainer S

Chronicles of Albian 2: The Wizbury School of Magic

by Alaka

New Promo Art more

Chronicles of Albian 2: The Wizbury School of Magic

by Alaka

Dungelot: Shattered Lands

by リカルド・フィリペ

New Reviews

“So faithful to the original arcade game”

by Katakis | カタキス on Aug 05, 2020

“Five minutes of ‘Meh!'”

by piltdown_man on Aug 02, 2020

“Old is Gold”

by Sam Vulcan on Jul 15, 2020

“Oddly mediocre”

by Wurtzly on Jul 07, 2020

MobyGames News

New Metric: Number of People Credited

A new metric has been added to credit listings so you can get an exact count of how many people were credited on any particular release!

There are some fun and interesting ways to use this. For example, you can see how credits have grown between sequels:

Grand Theft Auto = 86 developers

Grand Theft Auto II = 158 developers

Grand Theft Auto III = 185 developers

Grand Theft Auto IV = 1,337 developers

Grand Theft Auto V = 3,692 developers

Note: In cases where credits include thanks, the numbers are shown separately. This is a useful distinction, especially for games that have backers which can easily exceed the number of developers. e.g., FTL: Faster Than Light has 1,053 credits, 1,046 of which are backers/thanks.

Submitted by MobyReed (77) on Feb 23, 202018 comments

New Year Updates

Some updates to kick off 2020!

First, special thanks to MobyGames contributor hoeksmas, who added hundreds of lesser known Apple II games and screenshots to the database! Helping make MobyGames the most accurate and complete collection of games published for the Apple II.

Now onto site updates:

  • Optimized API queries (approx. 15x faster!)
  • Behind the scenes infrastructure work for the API (moving to a new system soon that’s easier to scale and develop)
  • Improved page responsiveness for smaller screens (mobile)
  • SEO tweaks to hopefully help improve our results on Google (if you’re an SEO wizard and have any suggestions, please contact me)
  • Changed credits display on combined game pages to show credits for the first release (was showing info from the first platform, alphabetically)
  • Removed critic/user score overview section from game pages (discussion)
  • Fixed combined game pages that were displaying the first alphabetical platform and release date in the page title
  • Fixed issue with forms getting improperly cached

Submitted by MobyReed (77) on Jan 20, 20207 comments

MobyGames Stats – 2019 edition

As per tradition, I present to you the database visualization! Made possible by the MobyGames API.

Previous editions:
January 2019January 2018June 2017January 2017January 2016January 2015January 2014January 2013January 2012January 2011January 2010January 2009


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