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UploadedMay 12, 2020 Cuban Doll Savage Twerking On A Yacht!

346,375 Comment Count

UploadedMay 03, 2020 Embarrassing: Jhonni Blaze Of Love & HipHop Gets Called Out On Tory Lanez Radio For Twerking With A Tampon String.. She Denies It!

371,703 Comment Count

UploadedMay 01, 2020 She’s Nice: Pretty Chick Has A Good Time Twerking With Her Friend For IG!

433,279 Comment Count

UploadedApril 30, 2020 The Dog Wasn’t Impressed With Her Twerking! (Rewind Clip)

371,836 Comment Count

UploadedApril 30, 2020 Oh My: Chick Makes Out With Her Bestie While Twerking For The Gram!

516,272 Comment Count

UploadedApril 29, 2020 Sexy Latina Twerking To ‘Bad Bunny’ In Her Booty Shorts!

485,604 Comment Count

UploadedApril 16, 2020 Sheesh: Big Booty Chick Pours Milk All Over Her Body & Starts Twerking On Tory Lanez’s Quarantine Radio! “Oh My Gosh”

228,142 Comment Count

UploadedApril 16, 2020 Oh My: Big Booty Chick In A Thong Shows Off Her Twerking Skills On IG!

542,941 Comment Count

UploadedApril 13, 2020 Tory Lanez Throws A Live $15,000 Twerk Contest.. Girl Comes Through With Strawberry Milk & Lizzo Twerking!

252,406 Comment Count

UploadedApril 13, 2020 Diddy Tells Lizzo To Stop Twerking & Co-Signs Draya Twerk + Diddy & J.Lo Reunite With A-Rod… Dancing On Live To Salsa Latin Music!

246,529 Comment Count

UploadedApril 06, 2020 Oh My: Thick Slim Chicks Out Here Pole Dancing & Twerking During Quarantine!

426,015 Comment Count

UploadedApril 05, 2020 That Bounce Tho: Lil Boosie Got A Nice One Twerking On His IG Live!

324,867 Comment Count

UploadedApril 04, 2020 Shxt Went Left Real Quick: Father Catches Dominican Daughter Twerking On Live & He Wasn’t Having It!

564,796 Comment Count

UploadedMarch 26, 2020 Tory Lanez Back At It Again: Quarantine Show With More Girls Twerking & DMX Comes Through Working On New Album!

313,622 Comment Count

UploadedMarch 23, 2020 The Reaction Though: Group Of Dudes Find Out The Hard Way That The Person Twerking On Their Live Was Really A Dude!

314,724 Comment Count

UploadedMarch 17, 2020 She’s Wilding: Lady Hangs From The Ceiling On The Bus & Starts Twerking! “Drip For Sale, $2000 They Could Hit”

253,610 Comment Count

UploadedFebruary 29, 2020 Alexis Skyy Of Love & Hip Hop NY Gets Her Wig Snatched & Tiddays Out! (*Warning* 18+) + Twerking Footage

456,323 Comment Count

UploadedFebruary 28, 2020 He Wasn’t With It: Moneybaggyo Gets Mad & Stops His Girl Ari For Twerking On Stage!

435,636 Comment Count

UploadedFebruary 24, 2020 Wait For It: Girl Takes A Huge L While Twerking On IG Live!

318,645 Comment Count

UploadedFebruary 18, 2020 Damn: Security Violates Girl After She Got On Stage & Started Twerking!

367,236 Comment Count

UploadedFebruary 17, 2020 Lizzo Twerking For The Gram In Lingerie!

430,338 Comment Count

UploadedFebruary 15, 2020 That Thang Bouncing: Thick Chick Showing Off Her Twerking Skills For The Gram!

544,521 Comment Count

UploadedFebruary 11, 2020 Lol: Young Dolph Kicks Twerking Man Off Stage!

386,349 Comment Count

UploadedFebruary 04, 2020 She Made Her Momma Proud In This Cruise’s Twerking Contest!

514,872 Comment Count


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